Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Clearing out taking over from crafting

It was my aim while I was off this week to get out my craft goodies again and make some cards. But, first of all need to clear out some of my books from the utility dumping ground - hopefully making a bit more space for my craft supplies, and a bit of cash as well.

I usually use for selling my books, which goes through phases of success, but does take a long time to sell more than 1 or 2 books at a time. So am going to try a couple of other places. Have started up my shop so we'll see how that goes. Less commission to pay than Amazon but obviously fewer customers, but we'll see. Then I shall start clearing out some of my unwanted clothes as well - cheaper to post, and hopefully less hassle and quicker to sell than through the second hand clothes shop (although probably less money earned).

Maybe, when I've got a bit more time I shall do some more jewellery and see if I can sell any of that. A bit of a scary prospect, especially as there's now a lot of competition out there. We'll see if I have the guts, otherwise will start small and try and do a jewellery party - maybe get my mum to do one with her friends as they're more likely to buy jewellery than my friends who all have young children and therefore don't really wear or buy much.

Monday, 31 August 2009

Cards coming out of my ears

I've not done any crafting for ages, but having a week off means plenty of time to spare. Had to make a baby card ready for someone at work, and a leaving/bon voyage card so that was a good excuse to get the supplies out. Plus have recently had some new goodies from DoCraft & various other internet suppliers, so wanted to have a go with my new papers and punches.

As well as the baby cards (these plus a few others), I had to make a selection of wedding cards for my mum to choose from

Then got stuck into using new stickers, huge scalloped circle punch, and various papers. Am determined to get through some of my supplies this week - really have too much and need to get a way of selling my cards once I've got a variety of types.

Ended up with 29 cards for a day and half of crafting so not bad. Only problem is where to store them all, and more importantly I've run out of poly bags...another excuse to buy some more supplies!

Visit to check out a 'new' shop

My friend Katie (who got me into card making in the first place) and I decided we'd make a trip up to Bead & Button Bazaar in Earlswood on Saturday. Always worth trying out a new shop, and there were few bits & pieces I was after.

The shop was in a lovely little craft centre setting, and was rammed full of beads & such like. We probably found out more about the health problems of the shop owner as she was on the phone during our visit, but we did buy a few beads (well, a bit more than a few!). I didn't manage to get the findings or silver beads I wanted...lucky really as I wouldn't have had enough cash to pay for it all as they didn't take cards!

Back at home I made the wood and pearl bead necklace while Katie just looking in awe at the goodies she'd bought. Not sure how much jewellery I'll get round to making this week while I'm off as I have lots of cards I need to make.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

B&B bonus sales

Couldn't believe it...came home yesterday from shopping to find a cheque for 8 cards that someone had bought from the display I put in my mother-in-law's B&B at the farm. It's been a bit of a bonus week as another person staying there earlier in the week bought 2. It doesn't sound a lot but now there's no opportunity to sell at work, it means apart from to friends & family, this is the only place I sell them. Usually they don't sell very well: my MIL has lodgers during the week (all men), and generally a lot of the B&B visitors are men as well, so they look but don't really buy (unless it's near mother's day and they're all desperate!). But come the summer it's more couples and families staying so it's a good opportunity to sell a real mix of cards.

Haven't done any crafting since May, so really need to get the craft supplies out again and make use of all the ideas I've got and seen recently. Have also some fabulous beads I bought recently but haven't had a chance to use yet. It's just finding the time when work's hectic, there's lots going on with dancing, and the weather's nice.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

More beads

Am so loving all the beads I've recently bought. The fabric ones are a favourite of mine although they're bigger beads than I would usually wear myself. Have made the lime necklace for a work colleague who wears a lot of lime green. Am still making more lariats - my favourite so far is the turquoise and orange one. I'm not a fan of orange, but am quite liking all the orange that's in fashion at the moment. Unfortunately it's not a colour I can wear, so thought a necklace might be a way to jazz things up and get my fix.

Sunday, 12 April 2009


In Make Jewellery magazine I'd seen some lariats which weren't something I fancied trying or wearing before. But got out my odds & sods, and made a couple - both with waxed cotton: one in pinks & purples, the others in browns & greens. They turned out quite well, just got to work out which way I should wear them.
Also made a couple of other necklaces, the black & clear one being my favourite - nice and versatile.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Commissioned cards

My best mate Helen always buys a stash of cards off me whenever we catch up, but this time she'd emailed me asking for 30th, 60th birthdays and 2 wedding cards. Made a few examples, then she chose the ones she wanted (thanks to the joys of email/internet photo uploading!). The ones she wanted are here. The 30th is for her brother who's a farmer (I couldn't find any tractor based embellishments so went with the natural green, browns & oranges). I also then had to make another 30th and another wedding card for her based on the same designs. Have just posted the 5 up to her, so hopefully they'll arrive safely.

I've not done much card making for ages, so it was interesting to see what nice supplies I have that I've not yet used. Must get making more to make up for buying all the goodies I have.

I've been doing more jewellery making recently. I used some carnelian butterfly & floral beads with swarovski crytals to make simple necklaces in yellow & red/pink, plus have been using some nice lampwork beads I've bought from ebay. Also have recently bought some really nice beads, so planning on trying some lariats & knotting rather than wire stringing over the next couple of days.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Hatton Country World bead fayre

Had a lovely morning taking my mum over to Hatton Country World in Warwickshire. I wanted to go for the bead fayre, and did manage to buy some goodies. Was a little disappointed as thought it would have had slightly more stands than it did, and also didn't find anyone selling any beading wire other than tigertail, or anyone selling sterling silver findings. Still, i did get some beads, some different black clasps & crimps, and have had a relaxing afternoon getting crafty.
Made the red necklace for my mum with some beads she chose to go with her red shoes. So hopefully she'll be pleased with it. Also made some bracelets, and a necklace with some gorgeous blue/black beads I bought.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Beading afternoon

I'm trying to use up my supplies again. Am going to have to see if I can get a stall at the local school sale they've got in a few weeks as my stash of jewellery is growing and I'm going to end up having too much to wear as well.
Made about 5 necklaces of various lengths, including the purple and green ones Ive uploaded pictures of here, and a few bracelets. I really like the simple pearl and crystal one, and the gemstone chips 2 strand one. I also made some earrings to go with that one.

Hopefully at the bead fayre on Sunday I'll be able to find some more focal beads and pendants to go with the colour schemes I want to create.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Started another necklace last Tuesday that I wanted to get done before I went to the theatre, but kept changing my mind on the design so it's still unfinished. Must finish it off this weekend.

Was browsing looking for some bead shops in Warwickshire/Oxfordshire to check out this weekend as want to buy some more big focal beads (something I'm short of in my supplies) to use up lots of my smaller beads. Found by chance that Hatton Country World in Warwickshire are having a bead fayre on Sunday. Perfect! So might even see if my mum fancies a nice trip out for Mothers Day. Let's hope I get everything organised on Sat so I have time.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

My crimps are now failsafe!

First chance I've had to write on my blog since I went to an Amy Surman workshop on Sunday. Although I've been making jewellery for a while (predominantly wire & beads) a friend was keen to go to a workshop so we went along to a beads & stringing one. 5 hours to spend making jewellery, getting excited about beads, and finally learning how to use my crimp pliers one aim for the day.

I'm a bit of a prolific crafter compared to my friend. She'll take 2 hours to perfect something (she's even worse with card making than beading!), compared to me being really quick to decide on colours, shape, pattern. So I managed to make 3 necklaces, one pendant, a bracelet and a couple of dangles to add to earring wires I have at home. But I'm so pleased that I've been using the correct wire for my jewellery (thanks to all the internet research I do, plus all the magazines I read), and I can now crimp perfectly each time.
Needless to say we both got carried away with the beads that we wanted to use. It is great to be able to decide what you're going to make then choose precisely the number of beads you want to use, rather than what I usually do online and in shops - see nice beads, buy them, then have to think afterwards of what I want to do with them. Ends up being very expensive.

So very pleased with my makes and have lots more ideas on what I can use my beads in my supplies for.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Bead Scene workshops

Just had an email round reminding me about the BeadScene workshops & open day coming up on Saturday. I really enjoyed the last one I did (making a seed bead cuff bracelet - my first proper stitch I had to learn), and am looking forward to doing more of them, but can't make this one. Will be checking out the one at the end of March.

My friend Katie (who got me into card making) and I are also going to a bead stringing workshop at Amy Surman's on the 8th March. I do lots of stringing, but really want to learn how to use my crimping pliers consistently, as I get mixed results and usually end up just using my pliers instead.

I've added some of the other cards I made last weekend.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Using up old supplies

Have been trying to use up some of my old craft supplies, although am constantly seeing lovely new goodies that I want to buy & try. Only just managed to upload some of the cards I made last weekend, plus I seem to have mislaid pretty much a new pack of labels so need to get some more bought & printed before they can be taken over to the B&B to put up for sale. Annoying, especially as now won't be able to sort them out til next Sat/Sun.
Caught up with a friend this weekend. She quite often buys up a stack of cards for upcoming birthdays & events, and this time bought another 3 cards. She also suggested next time I leave her a stock of cards which she'll take for her mum to sell at her B&B and shop. So need to make up a reasonable mix of cards ready for next time I see her. That B&B is busier than our farm, so hopefully I'll be able to sell a few more to recoup some of my costs (& be able to buy more lovely supplies)

Thursday, 19 February 2009

I want to keep them all

I love most of the jewellery I've made. I don't find much time to create it, but when I have some time I'm quite prolific in the amount I make. It does tend to always be bracelets though as that's what I prefer to wear - necklaces tend to get on my nerves by half way through the day. If I find I have lots of spare jewellery I've made, my friends get lots of unique presents when it comes to birthdays & Christmas.

I've uploaded some of my recent creations that I particularly like. The ring was my first attempt at a wire wrapped ring. i couldn't work out how to use beads instead of buttons, so I need a bit of practise, but it's all good fun.

Monday, 16 February 2009

It's been a long time coming

Had a lovely Sunday with the craft supplies out. Made some lovely cards...I want to get a few themed styles made as a friend suggested the shop she works in might want to take some to sell. The shop's a girly type gift shop, so cards probably go down quite well so may have to do some research into it and get some cards made up front in preparation just in case I've not got time over the next few weeks to make some.

Made a real mix this weekend as haven't made cards for a while - lots of birthday ones, some for Mother's Day (still to be uploaded), and a few blanks. Had quite a few ideas going round my head and discovered some really nice papers I've got sitting in the depths of my storage, so want to get the stash out more frequently to get creative again soon.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Reminiscing with Fimo

Did some rooting around earlier in the week looking for some lampwork beads, but discovered some of the amazing creations on Emma Ralph's website. (spooky given they're mine & my OH's names!). She does beautiful lampwork but also some lovely polymer clay beads. So I've decided I'm going to try and make some of my own.

After using Fimo a bit as a kid, I'm hoping to make more grown up beads with a touch of sparkle rather than the garish colours and lopsided ovals that we managed when younger. We'll see tomorrow when I open up the goodies I bought and start experimenting. It's a nice cheap way to try things...if they aren't great I can always make my god-daughter some nice bracelets, if they turn out well it's a bonus and I've got new crafting to continue with. I shall make sure I post some of the pictures up when I sort out my photobucket albums.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

First posting

So, I already had one blog on wordpress that covers all of my general going ons and musings, but I wanted to be able to customise my background and concentrate my crafty progress on one blog.

Therefore, here I am. Have been crafting for a few years...started with cards thanks to a friend's suggestions and now also make jewellery. At the moment I'm quite relaxed about it all. I craft when I have a massive block of time spare (doesn't often happen), sell a few cards at the farm's B&B, and every year I tell myself I'll do a craft fair to make back some of the money I've spend on craft supplies. It's not happened yet, so maybe this will be the year.