Sunday, 22 February 2009

Using up old supplies

Have been trying to use up some of my old craft supplies, although am constantly seeing lovely new goodies that I want to buy & try. Only just managed to upload some of the cards I made last weekend, plus I seem to have mislaid pretty much a new pack of labels so need to get some more bought & printed before they can be taken over to the B&B to put up for sale. Annoying, especially as now won't be able to sort them out til next Sat/Sun.
Caught up with a friend this weekend. She quite often buys up a stack of cards for upcoming birthdays & events, and this time bought another 3 cards. She also suggested next time I leave her a stock of cards which she'll take for her mum to sell at her B&B and shop. So need to make up a reasonable mix of cards ready for next time I see her. That B&B is busier than our farm, so hopefully I'll be able to sell a few more to recoup some of my costs (& be able to buy more lovely supplies)

1 comment:

  1. Good luck with the sales, these 2 cards are lovely! Sarah x