Sunday, 22 March 2009

Hatton Country World bead fayre

Had a lovely morning taking my mum over to Hatton Country World in Warwickshire. I wanted to go for the bead fayre, and did manage to buy some goodies. Was a little disappointed as thought it would have had slightly more stands than it did, and also didn't find anyone selling any beading wire other than tigertail, or anyone selling sterling silver findings. Still, i did get some beads, some different black clasps & crimps, and have had a relaxing afternoon getting crafty.
Made the red necklace for my mum with some beads she chose to go with her red shoes. So hopefully she'll be pleased with it. Also made some bracelets, and a necklace with some gorgeous blue/black beads I bought.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Beading afternoon

I'm trying to use up my supplies again. Am going to have to see if I can get a stall at the local school sale they've got in a few weeks as my stash of jewellery is growing and I'm going to end up having too much to wear as well.
Made about 5 necklaces of various lengths, including the purple and green ones Ive uploaded pictures of here, and a few bracelets. I really like the simple pearl and crystal one, and the gemstone chips 2 strand one. I also made some earrings to go with that one.

Hopefully at the bead fayre on Sunday I'll be able to find some more focal beads and pendants to go with the colour schemes I want to create.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Started another necklace last Tuesday that I wanted to get done before I went to the theatre, but kept changing my mind on the design so it's still unfinished. Must finish it off this weekend.

Was browsing looking for some bead shops in Warwickshire/Oxfordshire to check out this weekend as want to buy some more big focal beads (something I'm short of in my supplies) to use up lots of my smaller beads. Found by chance that Hatton Country World in Warwickshire are having a bead fayre on Sunday. Perfect! So might even see if my mum fancies a nice trip out for Mothers Day. Let's hope I get everything organised on Sat so I have time.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

My crimps are now failsafe!

First chance I've had to write on my blog since I went to an Amy Surman workshop on Sunday. Although I've been making jewellery for a while (predominantly wire & beads) a friend was keen to go to a workshop so we went along to a beads & stringing one. 5 hours to spend making jewellery, getting excited about beads, and finally learning how to use my crimp pliers one aim for the day.

I'm a bit of a prolific crafter compared to my friend. She'll take 2 hours to perfect something (she's even worse with card making than beading!), compared to me being really quick to decide on colours, shape, pattern. So I managed to make 3 necklaces, one pendant, a bracelet and a couple of dangles to add to earring wires I have at home. But I'm so pleased that I've been using the correct wire for my jewellery (thanks to all the internet research I do, plus all the magazines I read), and I can now crimp perfectly each time.
Needless to say we both got carried away with the beads that we wanted to use. It is great to be able to decide what you're going to make then choose precisely the number of beads you want to use, rather than what I usually do online and in shops - see nice beads, buy them, then have to think afterwards of what I want to do with them. Ends up being very expensive.

So very pleased with my makes and have lots more ideas on what I can use my beads in my supplies for.