Sunday, 19 April 2009

More beads

Am so loving all the beads I've recently bought. The fabric ones are a favourite of mine although they're bigger beads than I would usually wear myself. Have made the lime necklace for a work colleague who wears a lot of lime green. Am still making more lariats - my favourite so far is the turquoise and orange one. I'm not a fan of orange, but am quite liking all the orange that's in fashion at the moment. Unfortunately it's not a colour I can wear, so thought a necklace might be a way to jazz things up and get my fix.

Sunday, 12 April 2009


In Make Jewellery magazine I'd seen some lariats which weren't something I fancied trying or wearing before. But got out my odds & sods, and made a couple - both with waxed cotton: one in pinks & purples, the others in browns & greens. They turned out quite well, just got to work out which way I should wear them.
Also made a couple of other necklaces, the black & clear one being my favourite - nice and versatile.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Commissioned cards

My best mate Helen always buys a stash of cards off me whenever we catch up, but this time she'd emailed me asking for 30th, 60th birthdays and 2 wedding cards. Made a few examples, then she chose the ones she wanted (thanks to the joys of email/internet photo uploading!). The ones she wanted are here. The 30th is for her brother who's a farmer (I couldn't find any tractor based embellishments so went with the natural green, browns & oranges). I also then had to make another 30th and another wedding card for her based on the same designs. Have just posted the 5 up to her, so hopefully they'll arrive safely.

I've not done much card making for ages, so it was interesting to see what nice supplies I have that I've not yet used. Must get making more to make up for buying all the goodies I have.

I've been doing more jewellery making recently. I used some carnelian butterfly & floral beads with swarovski crytals to make simple necklaces in yellow & red/pink, plus have been using some nice lampwork beads I've bought from ebay. Also have recently bought some really nice beads, so planning on trying some lariats & knotting rather than wire stringing over the next couple of days.