Sunday, 28 June 2009

B&B bonus sales

Couldn't believe it...came home yesterday from shopping to find a cheque for 8 cards that someone had bought from the display I put in my mother-in-law's B&B at the farm. It's been a bit of a bonus week as another person staying there earlier in the week bought 2. It doesn't sound a lot but now there's no opportunity to sell at work, it means apart from to friends & family, this is the only place I sell them. Usually they don't sell very well: my MIL has lodgers during the week (all men), and generally a lot of the B&B visitors are men as well, so they look but don't really buy (unless it's near mother's day and they're all desperate!). But come the summer it's more couples and families staying so it's a good opportunity to sell a real mix of cards.

Haven't done any crafting since May, so really need to get the craft supplies out again and make use of all the ideas I've got and seen recently. Have also some fabulous beads I bought recently but haven't had a chance to use yet. It's just finding the time when work's hectic, there's lots going on with dancing, and the weather's nice.