Monday, 31 August 2009

Visit to check out a 'new' shop

My friend Katie (who got me into card making in the first place) and I decided we'd make a trip up to Bead & Button Bazaar in Earlswood on Saturday. Always worth trying out a new shop, and there were few bits & pieces I was after.

The shop was in a lovely little craft centre setting, and was rammed full of beads & such like. We probably found out more about the health problems of the shop owner as she was on the phone during our visit, but we did buy a few beads (well, a bit more than a few!). I didn't manage to get the findings or silver beads I wanted...lucky really as I wouldn't have had enough cash to pay for it all as they didn't take cards!

Back at home I made the wood and pearl bead necklace while Katie just looking in awe at the goodies she'd bought. Not sure how much jewellery I'll get round to making this week while I'm off as I have lots of cards I need to make.

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