Saturday, 3 July 2010

Misi shop now open

After having to turn down a school fete stall (clash of date, no display equipment, no time to prepare/make more stock etc, plus very scary as haven't done anything like that before) to sell my jewellery, have decided I seriously need to sell some of my jewellery to free up some space in our utility room where all my craft supplies are currently stored. Will please my husband, and hopefully get back some of the money I've spend on supplies over the past few years.

So have set up my Misi shop. Bit scary, and my photos could do with some work...but I think it'll be good to get an idea of what people like as well as hopefully selling some items.

Have decided only to do jewellery given that it's much easier to post compared to cards, plus I can sell some of my cards on the B&B anyway.

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