Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Crafty win

Had a lovely surprise in the post today, a win from one of the card magazines: some resin rondelles, and colourful lampwork beads. Immediately made a nice chunky bracelet with some similar coloured chinese crystals. Am pretty pleased - helps they're my favourite colours.

Also made some chain earrings using some lovely purple & green tulip flower glass beads. Haven't really known what to do with these so am thinking I'll wear them this evening - they're just my cup of tea.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Loving my Promarkers

Won this stamp, and given I'm pregnant thought it would inspire me to create some lovely congratulations cards. I'm a big fan of Promarkers - they're easy to use, combine colours and blend...makes my colouring look great (whatever my former geography teacher used to tell me!). The colours on this card are typical for me - lots of purples and pinks.

Wire wrapped ring - first attempt

Have always wanted to try some wire wrapped rings, but never got round to it...wanted to try and course, but they always clash with other things. So got on the old Google search, and
found a couple of 'how to's' and youtube specials...and here are my first attempts at a wrapped cluster ring. The purple-y one was my first, and think there's too many large beads, which made the ring very heavy and meant the sizing got smaller than I'd allowed for.

Second attempt went better - neater wrapping, smaller beads and better shape overall. Pleased with it, but will need lots of practise. Got some other wire wrapped rings to try as well - glad I've got a week off to make the most of the practise time!