Saturday, 14 May 2011

First fete opportunity

Had a phone call the other day from a friend who organises her kids school fete each year. Last year her jewellery stall person dropped out at the last moment so she'd asked if I could do it, but it was too last minute as I'd not really set myself up properly for a business. But she's now asked again if she can pass on my name to the relevant person who's organising this hopefully I'll be doing a fete and selling my jewellery at it.

I've been sorting all my stock out, taking lots of photos (handily I've already started stock & price list spreadsheets, ready for my sales/payments records, and my facebook page means I've also got reasonable photos with codes for all the items for ease of records), and now the exciting bit is trying to work out display solutions.

I've got hold of some mug trees (wanted wooden ones really that I was then going to cover in ribbons to pretty up, but actually got some plain metal ones), some mesh 'paper trays' which I'll stand up and put earrings on, a mesh basket for a clearance basket. I've also got a loo roll wire holder which I'm going to cover and use to lay bracelets over, and have bought a lovely old 'suitcase' box, which I'm going to pin ribbons crisscrossing over so I can hang items over. So a real mixture - will have to lay out a table and see what it looks like.

There's so much planning to do and get sorted out, as well as making more items and all to be ready for the start of July. Can't wait to get the information now, so I can get confirmation I'm in.

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