Sunday, 29 May 2011

Gorgeous new acrylic beads

I stumbled across these gorgeous two tone, almost metallic acrylic beads so bought some in pink, orange and purple. They're stunning and have a really good effect in jewellery. I really like random and quite casual jewellery, so made a couple of knotted short necklaces with 2 sets,

and a lariat from the purple ones.
Am thinking I may need to purchase some more depending on how these go down.

My facebook page is also going well. Over 235 fans, so just need to get the orders up now. Have to say I'm a bit worried that I've not been contacted by the tax office as I sent my new business details to them online. Don't think I received an email to confirm (will have to check), my details were sent, so may end up ringing them...don't want to get in trouble.

My facebook page is, and there's pretty much all of my jewellery on there, whereas there's only a few items on misi as it's so expensive to list when you get thousands of views and only 1 purchase. It also doesn't help when your customers don't then leave feedback, so there's no proven reputation for new customers to be encouraged to purchase if they're unsure.

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