Sunday, 1 May 2011

New camera = better photos

My old camera died a death...well, it started putting stripes across the photos and screen, so decided it was time to stop relying on my mobile camera and invest in a new camera. After quite a bit of research and lots of recommendations from friends about Panasonic Lumixes, I decided to opt for the new Panasonic Lumix TZ18.

After a lot of stress ordering from one website who seemed to struggle to actually deliver my order to me, Amazon delivered next day with their usual reliability and it was time to play. The Leica lens that my mum raved about definitely makes a difference. The photos are so clear and true to colour compared with my old Canon Powershot, and considering I opted for only a compact (although a superzoom at that), you wouldn't believe that the pictures weren't taken with an SLR.

I've only taken a few of my jewellery shots, but want to try and reshoot as many as possible with a proper white background to make the colours much clearer and real than the existing photos are. So once I have some spare time (hard to find with a 3 month old son who doesn't nap for longer than 30 mins at a time) I will be taking some photos and making some more jewellery which I've not done for ages.

I've also been stock taking and sorting out my costs & price lists. Now I've sold some items I want to get it all straight with a good record system. Good intentions, but how long it'll take to get organised I don't know.

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