Sunday, 19 June 2011

Logo competition

Right...have been without a logo since starting my jewellery properly as a business, and as I'm pretty useless with graphics (or just a bit lazy). So, I'm going to do a competition, asking people to send in their logo ideas.

The rules:
Yarn Hill Crafts does include cards, although I'm concentrating on jewellery, so it needs to be a generic logo.
Jpegs of logo entries should be sent to by 7th July
I will create a shortlist of my favourite logos to my blog for people to vote on for a week. Winner will be the logo with the most votes by the 14th July.
The prize will be a jewellery piece up to a value of £7 from my facebook page, chosen by the winner.

So, get your virtual pens out and thinking caps on.

Getting set for the summer party stall

Am busy sorting out my price and stock list, and making displays for my stall at the summer party/fete in July. Really looking forward to it, but a little nervous as it's my first one, and will be leaving my baby for the afternoon, and having to set up all on my own etc. Hopefully there'll be lots of people and lots of customers and the rain will hold off.

So far, everything's pretty much organised...just need to make my earring stand, get a runner for the table, finalise details with the organiser in terms of what's already available, and then I'm in the middle of making my earring cards.

I've decided to use them from some business cards: really simple just pop holes in the, and folder over so they can both stand up and hang from my 'suitcase' display I'm going to make (if it works! Then I just add the stock code and price to the back and they're done.

I've also sorted everything into 'styles' and bead type boxes so they're all in order, easy to access. Just need to fit them all into one big box for easy transport. I've got lots of things to print out (most importantly my gemstone meaning labels for the new range.

Once I've practised and set up my display, I'll take some photos. Will help me remember and be more efficient for the day.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Colour wire Wednesday

I love using coloured wires with clear crystal beads. The wire shows the colour through beautifully and then I love to set them off with really sparkly Swarovski crystals. These are crackle beads - I need to get some more decent thick wire to use with the rest of my crystal beads. Below is pink and gold based.
Also used some gorgeous tropical 'fruity' beads to make a scrummy charm bracelet plus some earrings. Here's the bracelet.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Taggie blanket first attempt

Yet, again this shows how lax I am with ironing...note to self, must iron before doing the patchwork memory blanket! But pretty pleased with this especially as my mini sewing machine managed to cope with the fleece weight.

Am really pleased with it though (despite the fact the 2 fabric patterns don't match), and it's great because Nathaniel really likes it as well.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Crafty makes for baby

Have been getting a bit crafty for Nathaniel. I've 'liked' so many facebook pages that I've got lots of ideas of things to make so have bought material, ribbons, and dragged out the mini sewing machine I bought a couple of years ago and haven't yet used!

First things were a couple of picture frames. I found some gorgeous vehicle fabric so was going to use it as a backing and then add a couple of die cut cars on top. But because the frames are small, I decided it'd be nice just left plain (note to self, must iron fabric before using!):

The other one I found some vehicular stickers in The Works (I love that shop...although you have to search for decent craft stuff as not all of it's that good condition). So a card background, I've doodled with a fine liner around the border, and have tried to replicate the 'road' and 'clouds' with a liner on the background. Then chosen some stickers which coordinate with the fabric. Am really pleased with them - dead simple and effective.

Want to get another frame as odd numbers are always better than even, but not yet decided what to put in the third one.

I've also used the car fabric for one side of a taggie blanket. My first attempt's not bad considering I've not used a sewing machine since I was at school, and that it was a first attempt. Although I've not really matched the fabric very well. Am sure Nathaniel won't mind though. It's not quite finished yet, so will post a photo once it is.

I'm also planning to make a patchwork blanket out of some of his old sleepsuits & vests. I was going to buy one, but I'd rather try it myself, then if I don't like it I've only got myself to blame. I'm going to use fusible bonding on the back of the sleepsuit patches to keep them a bit more structured given they're all stretchy, and have the fleecy backing ready. It's a bit scary thinking I'm going to chop up lots of his old clothes, but am quite excited at having it finished and usable.

Monday, 6 June 2011

New range launched: Good for You jewellery

Am very excited as I've been thinking about this new range for a while. To help with his teething, my son has an amber bead anklet from, which is based on the oils from the amber releasing the oils to help with pain relief. Not sure how much it works, however he continues to (touch wood) sleep through at night even though he's in pain occasionally during the day.

So I decided to make some simple bracelets based on this idea, and some more exciting ones - all using gemstones renowned for their healing benefits & properties. Obviously some gemstones are stunning in their own right, so hopefully the bracelets will be loved for how they look as well as how they may be able to help the wearer. The simple bracelets are a really basic design like the below:

The first is adjustable on a knotted thread base, while the second is my usual favourite toggle clasp (much easier but less versatile as the first can also be used as an anklet under socks etc if is doesn't match your outfit or would usually opt for more flashy jewellery as it's quite functional).

The rest of the range is more like standard costume/fashion jewellery. So using the basic gemstones, but adding a bit more colour or interest. I particularly love this one which is zebra jasper.
All of the jewellery will include a short information note to explain the gemstone's properties. I've not yet seen anyone selling their jewellery on this basis, so hopefully people will like it and want to purchase for themselves and friends. I did provide information on a necklace to one customer who'd asked about the beads I'd used and she said the receiver was really chuffed to understand the necklace components.

Here's hoping it'll go down well. The new range (so far...more to come) is now available on my facebook page: Yarn Hill Crafts