Sunday, 12 June 2011

Crafty makes for baby

Have been getting a bit crafty for Nathaniel. I've 'liked' so many facebook pages that I've got lots of ideas of things to make so have bought material, ribbons, and dragged out the mini sewing machine I bought a couple of years ago and haven't yet used!

First things were a couple of picture frames. I found some gorgeous vehicle fabric so was going to use it as a backing and then add a couple of die cut cars on top. But because the frames are small, I decided it'd be nice just left plain (note to self, must iron fabric before using!):

The other one I found some vehicular stickers in The Works (I love that shop...although you have to search for decent craft stuff as not all of it's that good condition). So a card background, I've doodled with a fine liner around the border, and have tried to replicate the 'road' and 'clouds' with a liner on the background. Then chosen some stickers which coordinate with the fabric. Am really pleased with them - dead simple and effective.

Want to get another frame as odd numbers are always better than even, but not yet decided what to put in the third one.

I've also used the car fabric for one side of a taggie blanket. My first attempt's not bad considering I've not used a sewing machine since I was at school, and that it was a first attempt. Although I've not really matched the fabric very well. Am sure Nathaniel won't mind though. It's not quite finished yet, so will post a photo once it is.

I'm also planning to make a patchwork blanket out of some of his old sleepsuits & vests. I was going to buy one, but I'd rather try it myself, then if I don't like it I've only got myself to blame. I'm going to use fusible bonding on the back of the sleepsuit patches to keep them a bit more structured given they're all stretchy, and have the fleecy backing ready. It's a bit scary thinking I'm going to chop up lots of his old clothes, but am quite excited at having it finished and usable.


  1. Great pictures, have you decided on your 3rd one yet? How about tractors, with being married to a farmer. Kids love tractors.

  2. Need to get a third frame first...have lots of card supplies, so will have to see what I have in my papers & dies - tractor or diggers will go down well, although the tractors won't quite fit with the other two...mmm, decisions, decisions.