Tuesday, 26 July 2011

3D miracle beads

I've discovered miracle beads.  I can't even remember how I came by them, but in all the years I've been making jewellery, I've never come across them before.  Anyway, they're beautiful, and great for making simple bracelets with great shine & dimension.
I've used them for elasticated bracelets, and they're great for layering up or wearing singly.  Plus they're great for both adults and children.  I can't wait to make lots in different colours and wear them myself...the light purple-y silver colour is my favourite, but I love the mix of all the colours as well (let's face it, that bracelet will go with everything in a girls wardrobe!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

First Fete experience

Had my first fete on Saturday.  Luckily the weather held - warm & dry, but I think the showers forecast & the fact that this was the final fundraiser in the school calendar, meant that numbers were lower than expected...oh, and that it wasn't in the local paper 2 days before (they made a mistake and it went in a week early!).

There were 5 stalls (one didn't turn up), and they'd put us inside due to the forecast rain and grey clouds.  The tea & cake stall was in with us too, but even they were struggling to get rid of all the cakes an hour before the end.  There was another jewellery stall too - unexpected, but at least our jewellery was very different (although her displays put me to shame; she was obviously a professional stall holder).

I had a lot of interest, and people saying they'd come back, but I heard a lot of women saying to other people how their kids had spent all their money.  However I did manage to chat to lots and handed out my card, so hopefully they'll remember me and maybe pass on the card to friends as well.  I only made 13 sales, but actually compared to the others that wasn't bad (one stall didn't sell anything!), but did still make a profit after petrol and fees (which were 10% of sales to allow for the everyone doing well/badly together).

Things I learnt that I can take away for next time:

  1. Make sure you get the biggest table possible to spread everything out.  I only asked for one table (not sure I'd have filled two), but everything was a bit cramped.
  2. Somehow get some shelves to get more height...also find some ways of making displays wind proof in case of being outside.  Not sure my earring displays would have coped if we'd not been inside.
  3. Take some items suitable for children.  I tend to avoid this usually what with safety guidelines and sizing quandaries.  But it was a the girls who were drawn to the stall - but a lot of items they liked were just adult sizes (memory wire bracelets - do they even do smaller sizes of wire? - etc).
  4. Do my print outs of handouts to go in bags earlier...this time the printer was playing up and making everything wonky and pink, so couldn't use them.
  5. Put up my banner even if no-one else has one.

Hopefully next year the fete will be bigger & better, and also hoping to get some jewellery parties in, and possibly get at my local fete for Christmas too.  Was pretty enjoyable, and great to see what items people liked.  It also gave me lots more new ideas for making items - means I'm going to have to spend my profit on new supplies...ooo, new expense.  Really want to use up my existing beads and sell more items before I buy more.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Praying for sun tomorrow

Tomorrow's my first fete, so after the horrendous showers of the past couple of days, I'm praying that the weather holds and we get some sun.  I've been assured that if it's wet, the stalls will be indoors, and I hope that's the case as I haven't planned for rain.

Everything's pretty much ready...I just need to print out my samples brochure, finish off some small cards, load up the car and I'm set.  Just hope it's busy and lots of people buy.  My next post will be some pictures showing my stall, and telling you how it goes.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New jewellery style - plaits

Had a mad thought and decided to try plaiting some multistrand seed and bugle beads to make some pretty bracelets and necklaces.  Have lots of seed beads I rarely use, so can do lots of colourways.  Just need to get hold of some more multi hole clasps so I can make lots in different colours.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Been on a blog trawl

And have found the best blog...1st Unique Gifts. It's clean, tidy, and easy to navigate, with lots of pretty pictures and interesting topics. Plus, there's lots of new blogs to discover and click through to.

Not sure I'll ever be happy with the format of my blog (probably needs some help from someone who knows how to improve it from the technical side, as I've not been able to work this out on either Blogger or Wordpress with my other blogs), but at least I'm being more regular at posting now. Long may that continue.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Crimpable chain

I was rooting around in my supplies and dug out a reel of crimpable chain that I'd bought at The Bead Show last year. Ooh, something new to use. So got out the crystals and got making...made about 10 necklaces; some over the head with drop chains and some with box ends clasps.
They're really sparkly so would be perfect in the daytime dressed down with a plain black top, otherwise great for evenings.

Now just need to get hold of some more clasp ends and will make some more. It's nice to have something different to make in style.