Friday, 12 August 2011

Button project

I love buttons and came across Kitties Closet on Facebook which has a miriad of divine buttons (nothing like my boring button jar - all those boring black & white ones from clothing!).  Couldn't resist, so now have a gorgeous button stash to make some jewellery.

This was my first attempt.  I'm pretty pleased (and it got lots of complements from my friends I went to lunch with when wearing it) with it, although it's too attractive to my baby boy who kept grabbing it.  One to wear when I'm not with him I think.

Also, did some restringing for a friend - a couple of lovely costume jewellery necklaces, the one below I love the beads.  Really autumn-y.
May have a couple more friends needing items restringing, so that could be keeping me busy.

I also have been busy this week making a gorgeous gift...can't share it yet as she's not received it yet, but as soon as they've received it I'll share it with you.


  1. What is it about buttons that gets us girls so excited? I love the necklaces, the colour combination on the bead necklace is lovely. off to explore Kittyscloset now.

  2. Have now added the link I should have done before...oops!