Saturday, 20 August 2011

Exciting - new logo time

Finally, I've got round to creating my new logo.  I did a few trials on various 'free' logo creator websites, but then although they claim to be free, you end up unable to download your beautiful logo once it's been designed without paying.  So I resorted to powerpoint and Picnik.

I love Picnik.  It's a new discovery that I found on this blog and is a means of making your photos look flash without lots of photo editing software (which I always seem to locate on my laptop but then am either unable to use or it's only a trial/demo sample).  Well, it is photo editing made easy with lots of effects you can use.

So change a photo that I love (thankfully found one which showed beads rather than a whole piece which meant I didn't have to go and take lots of creative bead photos), add some text and 15 minutes later, I have a new logo that I'm pretty pleased with.  I now just need to make it fit lots of different size banners & shapes and it should work for lots of things on both the internet and flyers/business cards.

Unfortunately I should have done this prior to ordering lots of flyers and business cards, but at least I can use this in the future.
How did you design your logo?

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