Monday, 8 August 2011

Turquoise jelly charm bracelet

Was asked on my facebook page to make a charm bracelet with blue beads.  It was an urgent request, so dug out the blue bead bag, and found some gorgeous turquoise glass 'jelly' beads.  Perfect size and really unusual, put them with some silver and other blue beads, and ended up with a scrummy, extremely summery charm bracelet.
I'm always a bit nervous about making jewellery to order - it's quite personal, and it's hard to get your design ideas over correctly to the customer.  But I'm glad the customer really liked the picture, and hopefully it'll be with her tomorrow if Royal Mail play ball!

I really love it too, and now want to get back to making lots more stock ready for some Christmas jewellery parties, as well as doing some gifts for my family & friends for Christmas - some bookmarks and wine charms I think.  Unfortunately, while more crafting is lots of fun, and makes use of all the supplies I have (as well as bringing in a little extra cash and excitement of orders), it's not really a healthy hobby...sitting down in one place all the time, heavy concentration...shame it couldn't be combined with some kind of exercise at the same time especially as my early morning crafting opportunities mean it takes up my exercise time.  Not good for the diet and getting rid of the baby weight.


  1. Well done for giving your customer exactly what she wanted that's great and the bracelet is lovely that should be one very satisfied customer! I don't know if you are aware your facebook link takes you to facebook login page not your page, I only know because I wanted to investigate your facebook page

  2. The bracelet is gorgeous - a really lovely colour. I am sure the customer was delighted. You are very organised thinking about Christmas already!
    Jo x

  3. Thanks Caroline. Not sure why as I click the link and it goes directly to my page...helpful (not!)