Friday, 30 September 2011

First marketing flyer = first pamper evening booked

Last weekend I helped out with our local NCT (National Childbirth Trust) nearly new sale.  It was great fun but exhausting (read more about it at my baby blog here).  As people leave the sale, they get given a goody bag full of leaflets on local services & products, as well as a couple of product samples.  This time I managed to get my flyers put in the bags.

It was a rush to get them done (and my website), but was really pleased with them in the end.  I used Vistaprint so they looked more professional, and they were gorgeous shiny postcards.  Not sure how many got handed out (there were 250 bags), but I've had one immediate response from someone asking me to do a stall at a pamper evening in January at a local school.

So hopefully people won't be feeling too poor straight after Christmas, but at least it'll give people opportunity to see my stuff and then remind them to visit my website.  Time to do a bit of research around some of my mum friends about what sort of items they'd wear & like to buy if they were at one.  For those of you who're jewellery makers, what do you find sells well at school fetes/dos?

Hopefully people will have kept hold of the flyer and not just thrown it in the bin...we'll see if there's any more feedback and from the stats on my website whether it was worth doing.

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