Sunday, 4 September 2011

Handmade Monday 32...where's the time gone for crafting

This week I was really struggling what to talk about for Handmade Monday.  I started my hardcore diet last week as need to lose my baby & post-baby weight before I go back to work in January.  This means I have to exercise first thing in the morning which is when I would usually have done my jewellery making before Nathaniel wakes up.  I've also have to remove the current jewellery projects from the floor in the living room where they're easy to just pick up as he's now rolling all over the place...too dangerous to keep within his reach.

So, not quite sure when I'm going to get organised enough to make some more jewellery.  This was my last make - I had these gorgeous semi-precious large beads, as well as the smaller cream ones and gold heijis.  They're some of my favourite colours to work with as they're just really earthy and natural, although they're not really a colour I would usually wear.  Still the necklace turned out well and I had enough left over to make the bracelet as well.
I definitely need to plan better my crafting time and make my supplies easier to access, especially as I have lots of things I want to make for Christmas.

Do you have any tips for quick & easy time saving tips to help shorten the time it takes to get the craft stuff set up?  Or how to baby proof an 'on the go' set up?


  1. I love that type of stone, they always remind me of the beach, sand and sea. They have made up well haven't they.

  2. It's difficult to keep everything out of the way of small fingers and mouths. I don't have children at home so my house is far from baby proof. I sometimes work while watching T.V and use a tray to put things on, that way if I need a break I can put the whole tray to one side. (or on a table out of the way).
    As for 'regular exercise'..... I don't understand that concept :o)

    Jan :)

  3. Oh, that stage of babies being into everything is so hard to manage when you have things to do too. Is there a corner somewhere you can put up some shelves with a wider/desk-height one for working on? Everything high up in boxes out of the way? I used to have a set-up like this in a corner of my kitchen for sewing when my kids were small (it was only a small kitchen too!). Good luck x

  4. I usually have the tray with current projects on as it's easy to pick up & put down, but that's had to be moved. My OH classes my crafting as junk and messy, so he expects it to be put away. I do have a small folding table I used for crafting before, but it does mean putting it up and down which takes up time. Maybe I shall just have to keep my tray and a small box ready to use and bring it in and out of the kitchen each time I want to use it.

  5. Lovely colours- perfect for Autumn. I too am reaching the stage where I need to set up a dedicated craft area, I don't have small children to worry about, but I do have the furrowed brow of OH to consider, it's frustrating isn't it?

  6. Wish i could help, tho will be reading your comments for ideas, i have little uns too! All my craft stuff is in a set of plastic drawers in the wash room, and i just pull out the draws onto the kitchen table when the kids are asleep (if i am awake still!) my knitting/crochet WIP lives in a basket next to the sofa... But we've had some incidents involving a toddler, a train flag and a weeks worth of cable unravelling before my eyes. It wasn't pretty!
    The necklace and bracelet are lovely :) good luck with finding time for the rest of your projects!

  7. Love the necklace and bracelet - great colours for Autumn.

  8. I love the jewellery you have made, I like the smoothness of the stones.
    Can't help with baby proofing ideas, I am not a tidy crafter at all.


  9. Good luck with your weight loss, you have my support as I am battling the bulge too. Though mine is just self inflicted and has nothing to do with babies :)

    I love the set, the colours a lovely and rustic! A very nice natural set!