Thursday, 22 September 2011

New website coming soon

So exciting...have finally got my website pretty much there.  Just a few more pictures to upload as had to redo all the pay buttons through paypal to be able to do one off designs.  Crikey it does take a lot of time.

In an ideal world I'd have had more time to spend researching web builders with more templates or places I could play around with, but as I wanted a free site and an easy one to set up, went with Weebly.   But I had a short deadline as flyers for my business are going in our local NCT nearly new sale goody bags on Saturday, which means the website needs to be up and running before tomorrow so I can get someone to test it out before putting it live.

Because of this work, it means non-existent crafting.  Lots of ideas, but no actual making...pretty poor considering I'm going to have to send my best friend a bought birthday card (well, unless I can quickly whip one up tomorrow or track down a homemade one that she's not already seen when she's been browsing through my cards stocks!).

Hopefully once the website goes live I'll have more time to actually make some new jewellery.


  1. How exciting a website! I'll watch with great interest, good luck with it.

  2. Thanks. Scary, but necessary really for people who don't access facebook. Just need to start streamlining and deciding what sort of jewellery I want to stick to rather than just buying random beads I see because I love them. Make with a purpose, and keep the favourite beads to me!