Friday, 23 September 2011

Website's now live

Yay, finally I've managed to get my website sorted and it's now live....scary, but exciting too.  Now I've just got to make a couple of tweaks I've realised that might be there and start marketing it a bit.

I'm also thinking that as it's so busy, once I've got a better idea of what people like/order, then I may provide more similar pieces just with different colour options then it may help streamline the website better.  I do wish i'd had more time to do it and test it all, but my deadline was tomorrow as I've got flyers going into goody bags at an NCT nearly new sale.  Hopefully I'll get some interest and maybe some jewellery parties booked.

The only thing is then I've got to find time to make more jewellery.

Anyway, do go and check out

1 comment:

  1. Just had a look, it looks fab, very professional, good luck with it.