Sunday, 30 October 2011

Decorations galore: Handmade Monday 40

I've finally got a bit excited and inspired to make some other types of Christmas decorations.  I've made them initially for our tree (hence the purple & silver theme), but am planning to upload them to my facebook page to make them available to order according to colour theme.

Firstly I made the icicle one - love this one as it's so simple but effective.  I've got some similar decorations already, so like the idea of this one fitting right in.  I may even make quite a few and hang them off a garland hanging above the fire place.
I've also made a 'wreath'.  I should have added a bow at the top, and the ribbon doesn't quite match, but this is really cute.  It's quite heavy, so I hope my tree branch won't wilt with it hanging off.
My third Christmassy sample were some wine charms.  I've wanted to make some of these for a while (planning on doing a couple of sets for gifts for friends) but have only just tracked down my charms and found some time to get a tray of supplies set out for easy and quick access & use.  I think I may use these as a raffle prize at a Christmas bazaar I have a table at...that's if I don't decide to keep them myself.
That's it from me today, although I am in the process of adding more new items to my website.  Do go and check out what everyone else has been up to in Handmade Monday.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Decoration inspiration

Was channel hopping (really should be crafting when my little one's napping) and came across yet more jewellery channels.  Got really excited about Christmas decorations, so now have got my supplies ready to go, coloured beads and crystals out, wire just need a couple of hours spare to make some exciting decorations.

I'll probably find I don't want to put them up for sale, but it's always good to have lots of Christmas decorations for my own tree.  Although it does get quite full, so maybe if I do other colour schemes, there'll be no excuse for keeping them for myself.

Hopefully this evening or tomorrow I'll find some time to make some, and take photos in time for handmade monday.

While I remember, I'm not sure if anyone's on the Supermum's Craft Fair page on Facebook.  There's a virtual craft fair happening on 2nd November, and I've got a few items up on there.  Hopefully it'll encourage people to look at my website as well as buying off facebook.  I missed the 'chaos' of the last one, so it'll be interesting to see what happening on this one.

Thursday, 27 October 2011


Well, I've finally made the leap to twitter.  Mmm, not so sure how I'll get on with it, especially as I've got one going on for Yarn Hill Crafts and then another for me & my baby blog, so hopefully I'll have no problems keeping the two separate.  Just need to get my phone sorted out so I can tweet on the go which will make life easier.

Do come and follow me (although it may take some time for me to get regular on there).

Monday, 17 October 2011

Handmade Monday 38: decopatch

I have been meaning for ages to try some decopatch, but haven't got round to it.  However, I had a secret santa gift to put together, saw a bangle idea in a magazine and decided that it would be a great gift to try and make.

I had some bangles that I never got round to wearing so sanded the surface slightly, added the glue and then the paper, a bit of varnish over the top and there we have it.  Tried a few different size bangles and 2 different japanese papers.  It's surprising how simple it is to do and how effective.
I'm definitely going to get some more papers and make some more of these.  I think they may do quite well as entry price gifts at fetes, especially school ones where often the children/teens don't want to pay lots of money for beaded jewellery.  I can do these in different sizes as well.

This is my handmade monday post for this week, so do go and check out the other blogs on here.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Listography - Top 5 key word searches on your blog

My first shot at the listography on Kate's blog is the top 5 key word searches on my blog.  Interesting, as my blog's only got a few followers and most come via facebook or from other blog hops.  So here are my all time top 5 key words:

1. earrings made from memory wire.  Mmm, well I've never made earrings from memory wire, so guess that it was rings that helped produce my blog.

2. Memory wire ring.  Yep, I've blogged once about a ring I made at a hen do workshop, so that'd make sense although it's not something that crops up regularly as I'll probably not bother with making another.

3. 6 loving charm.  Errr, no idea what this one could be, let alone why that would be typed into a search engine.  Maybe it was a typo?

4. and making some.  Again, hardly a key word to be typing in (would love to know what the rest of the sentence was...cake, jam, friends?)

5. black crimpable chain.  This one makes a bit more sense as crimpable chain's quite unusual and hard to come by.  I found mine at a bead fair, but I've found it hard to get hold of online, and as for black?  Never seen it.

So all in all, a bit random.  I think I'll check more frequently and try to tag or label more of my posts properly (I'm quite bad at doing it at all).  That way, maybe the search engines will make more sense in future when people search and hopefully my site will come up more frequently.

Try yours by going to: Stats - All time - Traffic Sources - and then scroll down (in blogger)

Discovering old jewellery pieces

Had a bit of a clear out recently of some boxes under the bed, and what did I find but some of the early pieces of jewellery I made.  Some of them were quite hopeless and not what I'd be willing to sell on to other people, but some of them were lovely and have inspired me to make some similar pieces in different colourways to add to my page.

So far I've not managed to make any more, but I've got some ideas and will be adding them once made to my website.

I love the cluster pendants like this one on the chain and on the choker.  They're so simple to wear and can dress up or down an outfit.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Handmade Monday 37: foodie and jewellery makes

It was my birthday last weekend, so lots of baking and cooking went on for a Jamie at Home party I hosted.  I found a mint choc chip cake recipe on Raspberri cupcake's blog, and as that's my second favourite ice cream flavour, decided to try it.  Always scary when you've got someone coming to the party who makes cakes for a business.  Was pretty pleased with it, but it was meant to be mint green and after the choc bits were added, the icing went a bit beigey!  It still tasted fabulous though.

I did nachos, home made sausage rolls, iced gingerbread 'cupcakes' and Nigella's trashy lime cheesecake which is my signature dessert that I know never fails.  The party was great fun, I bought lots of Jamie stuff (and got some great freebies), everyone loved the food and it was great to get my friends together.

I also managed to get some crafting in this week.  I saw circular rosettes in a magazine to add to vest/t-shirts customisation, but decided to add buttons to mine and a brooch back.  Not bad for a first attempt.  Am planning on making some simpler button & felt brooches to sell as cheaper options on my pamper evening stall in January and potentially on my facebook page too.
Anyway, that's enough from me today.  Check out handmade monday to see what everyone else has been up to.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Handmade Monday 36: Christmas decoration number 1

Missed handmade monday last week as I'd spent a lot of time sorting out my new website, so no time for any new craftings.  However, I'm back on the crafting again now.

This week, I've completed one of my day zero project tasks: make a Christmas decoration every year.  2011 is now complete, although I'm not sure whether it needs a drop/charm in the centre.

This reminds me of a gyroscope (?sp?).  Large beaded circle, with another smaller one inside which can move around.  My tree is themed purple & silver, so I've used gorgeous purple miracle beads and silver stardust beads.  It's got a coil loop at the top so will hang it off some organza ribbon I think.  Am pretty pleased with my first decoration, although have got a few more ideas for different craft techniques for my next ones to make.

Have also started on some makes for secret santas, and other ideas I've thought about, but need to get them finished before I upload them, so maybe next week.

Do check out the other crafters taking part in Handmade Monday here.