Friday, 28 October 2011

Decoration inspiration

Was channel hopping (really should be crafting when my little one's napping) and came across yet more jewellery channels.  Got really excited about Christmas decorations, so now have got my supplies ready to go, coloured beads and crystals out, wire just need a couple of hours spare to make some exciting decorations.

I'll probably find I don't want to put them up for sale, but it's always good to have lots of Christmas decorations for my own tree.  Although it does get quite full, so maybe if I do other colour schemes, there'll be no excuse for keeping them for myself.

Hopefully this evening or tomorrow I'll find some time to make some, and take photos in time for handmade monday.

While I remember, I'm not sure if anyone's on the Supermum's Craft Fair page on Facebook.  There's a virtual craft fair happening on 2nd November, and I've got a few items up on there.  Hopefully it'll encourage people to look at my website as well as buying off facebook.  I missed the 'chaos' of the last one, so it'll be interesting to see what happening on this one.

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