Sunday, 16 October 2011

Listography - Top 5 key word searches on your blog

My first shot at the listography on Kate's blog is the top 5 key word searches on my blog.  Interesting, as my blog's only got a few followers and most come via facebook or from other blog hops.  So here are my all time top 5 key words:

1. earrings made from memory wire.  Mmm, well I've never made earrings from memory wire, so guess that it was rings that helped produce my blog.

2. Memory wire ring.  Yep, I've blogged once about a ring I made at a hen do workshop, so that'd make sense although it's not something that crops up regularly as I'll probably not bother with making another.

3. 6 loving charm.  Errr, no idea what this one could be, let alone why that would be typed into a search engine.  Maybe it was a typo?

4. and making some.  Again, hardly a key word to be typing in (would love to know what the rest of the sentence was...cake, jam, friends?)

5. black crimpable chain.  This one makes a bit more sense as crimpable chain's quite unusual and hard to come by.  I found mine at a bead fair, but I've found it hard to get hold of online, and as for black?  Never seen it.

So all in all, a bit random.  I think I'll check more frequently and try to tag or label more of my posts properly (I'm quite bad at doing it at all).  That way, maybe the search engines will make more sense in future when people search and hopefully my site will come up more frequently.

Try yours by going to: Stats - All time - Traffic Sources - and then scroll down (in blogger)


  1. intresting list :) its always intresting to see how people find you, my all time stats were all pretty broing so i used my top 5 from the week ;) x

  2. I was a rotten tagger, I never really bothered, but I am working through and tagging old posts and honestly the amount of diffeence it makes with being able to be found is amazing!

  3. What on earth is memory wire? Sounds interesting!

  4. It's an interesting exercise isn't it? Makes you think a bit about what you put into the rest of your posts..Thanks for joining in. x

  5. Memory wire - self wrapping wire in ring, bracelet or necklace size. No clasp needed. Really simple but effective jewellery.

  6. Strange search terms! Definitely recommend using categories or tagging posts :)