Monday, 28 November 2011


Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Trying to get ready for the removal of Google Friend Connect.  I think, blogger should be safe from it's removal, however my baby blog is on Wordpress, and therefore I need to find another method of keeping up with my non-blogger blogs I follow.

So I've decided to try Bloglovin'.  Hopefully it'll work, especially as I really hate Google Reader to read blogs in.  We'll see - I've got until March to get something else sorted out.

Handmade Monday 44: Squash cake & earrings

I've had some butternut squash left in the potato box for a while, so decided I needed to use it rather than feeding it to the pigs when it got a bit too late.  I saw a recipe for Orange Squash cake so decided to try that.

I love loaf cakes as they always turn out better than my round ones, and this was a no hassle cake.  No need to soft butter (always a pain for me), just vegetable oil, lots of grating.  Even the icing worked for once.
It was a bit of a bizarre taste (not as strong as carrot or courgette cake), but was obviously sweetened by the icing.  Worth doing to use up leftover veg, plus both baby and OH liked it so it wasn't going to go to waste.

I've also been making earrings - some to go with necklaces and bracelets, but also just some using findings rather than making a show of the beads only.  I love this swirly ones, but they're a nightmare to get the curls the same size and direction.
That's all for me this week.  Do go and check out who's been making what in handmade monday this week.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Gone sparkly

Not sure this year how many Christmassy do's I have compared to normal (where pre-baby I'd have had lots of dance events to wear lots of sparkly clothes to), but I want to have some sparkle especially considering I still can't get into my pre-pregnancy party clothes.

So I've made some crystal rondelle bracelets.  I love rondelles, and on a couple have added some stardust beads.  Hopefully will also have time to make some spares to put for sale in my Christmas section at the christmas bazaar I'm at.
I've also tried using more chain in my jewellery.  I like the look when I see it elsewhere, but when I then use it, I'm not often that convinced.  I made the below which reminds me of bunches of berries with the red's not a piece I'd wear but it gives me chance to practise my wire work.
Have also been trying to make (where I've got beads left over), earrings which match or complement any necklaces or bracelets I make.  I do get asked if I've got earrings to go with something, so by doing this more regularly, it means I can show them immediately when I'm asked, but then I've also got a nice big stash of earrings for other people to buy if they want.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Handmade Monday 43: angels and christmas

Have been getting back into my jewellery making (about time given I've only got 2 weeks until the Christmas bazaar I've got a stall at!).  Lots of pearly makes in various colours, getting the chain out for some slightly different necklaces rather than just beaded, and some wire earrings.

Made these wire spirals a while back from leftover wire and never got round to using them, but decide to put them on earring hooks for some really simple earrings
No idea why these have uploaded sideways when the original isn't!
I've also made some lovely christmas angels - for earrings and some larger ones for pendants or bag charms.  They're so cute, I'll definitely be wearing a pair for Christmas myself.  Hopefully they'll bring people in to the stall at the bazaar as they'll be a fairly cheap entry point compared to the bracelets & necklaces.  Have got them in aqua and lilac too - wonder if I could get larger wings and make them as tree decorations too.
Anyway, check out Handmade Monday for some other fabulous makes and updates.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Handmade Monday 41: purples & teals

I love the colours purple & teal.  I had a lovely necklace that someone bought for me that always got tangled up when I wore it, so decided I was going to take the beads and upcycle them combining them with other beads in my collection.  Here's the output.
I added potato pearls, a couple of teal & purple purples, the silver flower, coin and bead cages.  I made it so it's overhead and is in three sections of beads, which means it can be worn with each section at the bottom (or side) meaning it's like a three-way necklace.  Not sure I want to sell this one on so may keep it myself.

Have been quite productive over the last few days as well just building up some stock to replace sold items, so I'll have plenty available to sell at the Christmas bazaar in December.

That's it for me for Handmade Monday.  You can check out what everyone else has made here.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Checking out craft fairs

I never realised there were so many craft fairs and Christmas bazaars in and around my local area before I started selling my jewellery.  I'm astounded.  Two today, one in a week in my next village, one that I've been asked to do at a school in December, one in a couple of weeks in the town hall.  Wow, wish I'd realised before I went on maternity leave that there were all these opportunities and got organised earlier, because once I'm back at work next year, it'll just be so hard to leave my son with someone when he's been looked after by someone else all week.  Weekends will be the one time I'll be able to spend time with him.

Maybe I'll look out any evening ones as they'll be more practical if less frequent and probably less available.  It would also potentially be harder to get sorted practically post work and doing bath/bedtime for Nathaniel, but I would have to try and work something out.

Anyway, I went to one of the fairs today.  It was in a local village church and is a fairly established one.  There was a great atmosphere, although I didn't see anything that fitted for anyone I needed to buy for.  Plus, as you do more crafts it almost makes you think as you see some stalls...well, I could try that!

There were 2 jewellery stalls similar to my type of thing.  I was reassured to see that my prices are pretty much in line with the one who was selling for herself, whereas the other seller I though was selling a little cheap, although it was for local schools.   Even so, I hope she was given all the materials (or was very philanthropic) as the cost of materials wouldn't have been covered with the prices she was offering.

I think I'm on the right track with my displays as well.  Trying to make things vertical is hard - I'm wondering whether a metal tiered pan stand would work for earrings and may trawl the charity shops for some glass cake stands.