Friday, 25 November 2011

Gone sparkly

Not sure this year how many Christmassy do's I have compared to normal (where pre-baby I'd have had lots of dance events to wear lots of sparkly clothes to), but I want to have some sparkle especially considering I still can't get into my pre-pregnancy party clothes.

So I've made some crystal rondelle bracelets.  I love rondelles, and on a couple have added some stardust beads.  Hopefully will also have time to make some spares to put for sale in my Christmas section at the christmas bazaar I'm at.
I've also tried using more chain in my jewellery.  I like the look when I see it elsewhere, but when I then use it, I'm not often that convinced.  I made the below which reminds me of bunches of berries with the red's not a piece I'd wear but it gives me chance to practise my wire work.
Have also been trying to make (where I've got beads left over), earrings which match or complement any necklaces or bracelets I make.  I do get asked if I've got earrings to go with something, so by doing this more regularly, it means I can show them immediately when I'm asked, but then I've also got a nice big stash of earrings for other people to buy if they want.

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  1. Ooooh sparkly, sparkly they're beautiful, I must admit I am more of an earring girl although I can't resist a pretty necklace either :)