Thursday, 8 December 2011

Bazaar preparation

I've managed today to fit in some time to get really prepared for my stall on Sunday.  My display stands are ready to go, I've done a mock table set up, and have reordered all my jewellery.

I tend to use the takeaway type clear boxes & lids purchased from pound shops to split my jewellery into sections.  So, earrings dependent on price, my good for you bracelet range, gemstone necklaces, long necklaces, lariats, chain necklaces, memory wire bracelets, charm bracelets etc.  When I arrive, I can clearly see which jewellery type goes where and it's easy & quick to get everything set up and grouped together.

I've now just got to put price tags on my new pieces and get the earrings in order.  At the last fete I did, I made earring holders using business cards on make shift photo frames/ribbon stands, but this time I've got some proper display units, so I may actually put them on the stands and pack them up like that to take so it's quicker than doing it when I get there.  By having proper stands as well, it means I can price by display rather than having to write on each of the cards.  It should be clearer for customers to see what the prices are...I know I hate it when items aren't priced at fairs, so I want it to be clear for people rather than them being embarrassed to ask.

My stock list's been updated so I need to print that off ready to take - I remove the price tags as items sell, then I can mark off what's sold on my stock list.  Although this time I do have some cheaper items like my angel earrings and miracle bead bracelets aiming for teens who don't want to spend too much money; these are all priced the same so will need to find a way to note how many of those are sold so I make sure my admin's up to date afterwards.

Hopefully by tomorrow it'll all be ready and packed up, so there's not a last minute panic on Sunday morning.  The last thing will be to iron my tablecloths - they're a lovely pale blue colour, but annoyingly are cotton so crease really badly.  Hopefully if I iron them at the last minute and store on or near the aga, they won't get creased too quickly again until they're used.

Oh, and of course to sort out a float...mmm, that's always the thing I forget and I know I've got no change in my wallet.  That'll be a trip to town to sort that out.


  1. Best of luck! I'm sure everything will go smoothly and you will have some tales to tell afterwards.

  2. You have inspired me its something i have been wanting to do for awhile x