Sunday, 4 December 2011

Crimp Covers

Grrr, I hate them.

I want to make my jewellery look finished (although let's face it, crimp beads crimped properly look neat anyway), and so try and get on with crimp covers, but blimey they're a pain in the backside.

I'm almost finished a gorgeous pearl &blue lace agate chip necklace, finished it off with sterling silver findings, completed one end with a neat crimp cover, and then....failure on the other end!  5 times failure.  And then to top it off, I've chopped off the clasp by accident.  So I'm going to have to start again.  Waste of several sterling silver crimp covers and 2 crimp beads.  Expensive mistakes.

Think I may have to go up a crimp cover size - won't fit in the design as well, but if they're easier to keep hold of, then it's worth it.

Anyone else got any hints & tips, or alternative neat finishing?


  1. I can sense your exasperation and I think it's fair to say we all have days like this no matter what the craft:) "If at first......."

  2. So true Caroline. It's annoying when it always seems to happen though.