Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Pearly queen

I am so loving pearls at the moment.  Any really...rice, potato, round, coin, but particularly the potato (especially when they're the little nuggety shape).  I also love the coldness when you first pick them up...proper ones obviously, and that applies to gemstones. It's a gorgeous thought to feel them getting warmer in your hands.

I've got quite a few different colours of pearls in my stash at the moment and that's the beauty of them.  You can mix and match to any outfit.  Classic off white or ivory, or rich chocolate, or funky peacock blue.  I love them all.

My favourite makes are simple single strand necklaces or bracelets, although I do fancy getting round to making an assymetric multistrand necklace.  I have to plan for that though as usually I only buy a strand at a time so would need to buy more than one to get hold of enough beads if I just wanted one colour/shape.  Although I do have a current bugbear - why are gemstone/pearl strands just that little bit too short to make a necklace?  Or do I just have a fat neck?!!!  Sometimes you just want to use a strand and restring it to make the most of the gems, but I never seem to have quite enough beads.  Grrr.

Anyway, here's a couple of my recent pearl makes.  I've glitzed them up a bit for Christmas because it's nice to have a bit of sparkle.
Ivory potato pearls & green/blue Swarovski crystals - necklace
Ivory rice pearls with crystal rondelles - bracelet
Blue potato pearls with blue lace agate tumble chips - necklace

I definitely think I'm a bit of a pearl convert...or maybe I'm just getting older.


  1. I adore the addition of crystal into your designs. It gives the pieces elegance and style. Some truly beautiful designs, and since I have a thing for the style of rondelle you've used I think that has to be my fave! Plus Ivory is a classic.

  2. Thanks Kat, I love rondelles too. They're great for accents and for bling

  3. Hi Emma,
    These are so beautiful. You are very talented. Thanks for adding your link to the Creative Thursday Blog Hop. I am a new Follower of your Blog.

  4. I love them! New follower from the hop. Will you follow me back?

  5. Thanks for stopping at my blog post about the apple pies. Your jewelery is pretty and affordable. I've lots of pearls, don't wear them every day, but do have an affinity for them. The crystals and pearls combos are very pretty.

  6. Thanks for linking up with us at Creative Thursday ,these are beautiful :)