Friday, 30 September 2011

First marketing flyer = first pamper evening booked

Last weekend I helped out with our local NCT (National Childbirth Trust) nearly new sale.  It was great fun but exhausting (read more about it at my baby blog here).  As people leave the sale, they get given a goody bag full of leaflets on local services & products, as well as a couple of product samples.  This time I managed to get my flyers put in the bags.

It was a rush to get them done (and my website), but was really pleased with them in the end.  I used Vistaprint so they looked more professional, and they were gorgeous shiny postcards.  Not sure how many got handed out (there were 250 bags), but I've had one immediate response from someone asking me to do a stall at a pamper evening in January at a local school.

So hopefully people won't be feeling too poor straight after Christmas, but at least it'll give people opportunity to see my stuff and then remind them to visit my website.  Time to do a bit of research around some of my mum friends about what sort of items they'd wear & like to buy if they were at one.  For those of you who're jewellery makers, what do you find sells well at school fetes/dos?

Hopefully people will have kept hold of the flyer and not just thrown it in the bin...we'll see if there's any more feedback and from the stats on my website whether it was worth doing.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Website's now live

Yay, finally I've managed to get my website sorted and it's now live....scary, but exciting too.  Now I've just got to make a couple of tweaks I've realised that might be there and start marketing it a bit.

I'm also thinking that as it's so busy, once I've got a better idea of what people like/order, then I may provide more similar pieces just with different colour options then it may help streamline the website better.  I do wish i'd had more time to do it and test it all, but my deadline was tomorrow as I've got flyers going into goody bags at an NCT nearly new sale.  Hopefully I'll get some interest and maybe some jewellery parties booked.

The only thing is then I've got to find time to make more jewellery.

Anyway, do go and check out

Thursday, 22 September 2011

New website coming soon

So exciting...have finally got my website pretty much there.  Just a few more pictures to upload as had to redo all the pay buttons through paypal to be able to do one off designs.  Crikey it does take a lot of time.

In an ideal world I'd have had more time to spend researching web builders with more templates or places I could play around with, but as I wanted a free site and an easy one to set up, went with Weebly.   But I had a short deadline as flyers for my business are going in our local NCT nearly new sale goody bags on Saturday, which means the website needs to be up and running before tomorrow so I can get someone to test it out before putting it live.

Because of this work, it means non-existent crafting.  Lots of ideas, but no actual making...pretty poor considering I'm going to have to send my best friend a bought birthday card (well, unless I can quickly whip one up tomorrow or track down a homemade one that she's not already seen when she's been browsing through my cards stocks!).

Hopefully once the website goes live I'll have more time to actually make some new jewellery.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Last minute wedding necklace

We went to a wedding yesterday, and needless to say at the last minute we were running around sorting things out.  Of course, the OH hadn't unpacked his new tie, suit or made sure his shirt was ironed so I was trying to get that sorted out, plus getting our baby over to his babysitter with plenty of time left to get make up on and get dressed up myself.

Having said that, first thing that morning I remembered I needed to finish off my wedding outfit with a necklace, so was rooting through my supplies for some suitable beads.  I found some lovely peachy coloured potato pearls and had just enough to make a drop necklace.  Didn't quite have enough for some earrings unfortunately, but in the end it was all too much of a rush to get out of the house and I ended up going out in my boring gold studs I wear day to day.

Here's the necklace I made.  Really simple, but I'm a bit of a pearl fan at the moment as I just love the metallicy colours.

Anyway, it's Handmade Monday 33 today, so please also check out the other blogs taking part.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Day Zero Project

In my blog reading I've come across the Ground Zero Project on a couple of them (Love in the Nest being one). Basically, it's a list of 101 things you want to achieve over the next 1001 days.  It doesn't necessarily fit into my craft blog here (or my baby blog), but given several items are relevant I want to share here that I'm undertaking it, and will update on the most suitable blog my progress (or just update anyway!).

So, the list's now complete.  It took a lot longer than I thought it would - and I was reassured to find that I've actually done a lot of things that other people have on their lists.  Find it on my Day Zero project page.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Handmade Monday 32...where's the time gone for crafting

This week I was really struggling what to talk about for Handmade Monday.  I started my hardcore diet last week as need to lose my baby & post-baby weight before I go back to work in January.  This means I have to exercise first thing in the morning which is when I would usually have done my jewellery making before Nathaniel wakes up.  I've also have to remove the current jewellery projects from the floor in the living room where they're easy to just pick up as he's now rolling all over the place...too dangerous to keep within his reach.

So, not quite sure when I'm going to get organised enough to make some more jewellery.  This was my last make - I had these gorgeous semi-precious large beads, as well as the smaller cream ones and gold heijis.  They're some of my favourite colours to work with as they're just really earthy and natural, although they're not really a colour I would usually wear.  Still the necklace turned out well and I had enough left over to make the bracelet as well.
I definitely need to plan better my crafting time and make my supplies easier to access, especially as I have lots of things I want to make for Christmas.

Do you have any tips for quick & easy time saving tips to help shorten the time it takes to get the craft stuff set up?  Or how to baby proof an 'on the go' set up?