Day Zero Project

Well, here's my day zero list.  Some crafty, most not, but thought I should have a place where it should sit and I can share my updates.

1 Write a will
2 Write up my family tree
3 Go a week without buying anything
4 Learn to sew with a sewing machine
5 Make a memory blanket
6 Make a homemade gift for everyone this christmas  IN PROGRESS
7 Go to the seaside
8 Go camping
9 Create a pin map of everywhere I've been in the UK, and everywhere else I want to go
10 Tidy up my recipe pull outs                      COMPLETE
11 Note in a notebook all the recipes I've cooked that we want to eat again
12 Decorate a cake                     COMPLETE
13 Learn how to ice cupcakes
14 Go to the playground with my baby   COMPLETE
15 Go ice skating outside
16 Switch the phone off for a weekend
17 Get back to pre-baby weight                     IN PROGRESS
18 Set up my jewellery website                       COMPLETE Sep 11
19 Arrange my son's christening                      COMPLETE
20 Clear out my wardrobe                               IN PROGRESS
21 Sort out and get rid of my unwanted DVDs   IN PROGRESS
22 Revisit the Highway Code each year
23 Get blinds & curtains for the house
24 Move my piano to our house from my mums
25 Scrapbook at least 5 of my favourite photos
26 Print out my photos and put them all in albums        IN PROGRESS
27 See my mum at least once a week for 3 consecutive months        ONGOING
28 Go for 4 family bike rides
29 Visit Upton House
30 Go on a family holiday
31 Go to an auction
32 Speak to my best friend at least once a month
33 Try a new craft every month                              ON GOING
34 Answer the "50 questions that will free your mind"    COMPLETE
35 Go on a road trip
36 Complete a 365 day photo challenge            ON GOING
37 Read 2 books a month                                  ON GOING
38 Influence a person to make a day zero list     COMPLETE
39 See a 3D movie
40 Identify 100 things that make me happy             IN PROGRESS
41 Get my eyebrows threaded
42 Go to the Olympics
43 Photograph a landscape from the same location, capturing all 4 seasons and frame them together    IN PROGRESS
44 Make a video compilation of my baby's first year    IN PROGRESS
45 Create a garden from our paddock
46 Take part in secret santa                             IN PROGRESS
47 Arrange an annual family photo
48 Stop biting my nails
49 Don't swear for a week
50 Complement someone every day for a week
51 Achieve 10000 steps a day for a week
52 Put away £2 for every task completed, to be spent at the end of the 1001 days
53 Wear nothing black for a week             COMPLETE
54 Dye my hair a different colour
55 Learn a new dance
56 Swim a mile
57 Go roller blading
58 Spend a day people watching
59 Relearn to crotchet
60 Decorate my child's bedroom
61 Sleep in a castle
62 Buy a sewing machine and learn how to use it
63 Make all my Christmas cards one year
64 Go on a family picnic
65 Own a pair of diamond earrings
66 Do an online grocery shop at least once a month
67 Write a letter to myself to be opened once the 1001 days is over        COMPLETE
68 Splash in puddles
69 Paint pottery
70 Make a Christmas decoration every year            COMPLETE
71 Do a charity walk
72 Enter 30 competitions a week                        ON GOING
73 Go snorkelling
74 Go through a corn maze
75 Do the plank for a minute                          COMPLETE
76 Sell a photo I have taken
77 Keep a 'firsts' journal for my son              ON GOING
78 Go to a Zumba class
79 Take pictures with an underwater disposable camera
80 Learn to say hello in 15 other languages             COMPLETE
81 Eat a grilled peanut butter & jelly sandwich
82 Host/go to a murder mystery dinner
83 Go without fast food for a month                COMPLETE
84 Make homemade guacamole
85 Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet  IN PROGRESS
86 Visit my nan at least once a year
87 Complete 7 tasks in a week
88 Be able to identify 10 constellations             IN PROGRESS
89 Find 101 things to do                                              COMPLETE
90 Get a decent family photo taken (the 3 of us)
91 Bake and decorate cookies                   COMPLETE
92 Go to 5 different museums
93 See an exhibition
94 Go to the fair                COMPLETE
95 Write a letter to a magazine      IN PROGRESS
96 Make a bag
97 Make pastry from scratch
98 Wear a skirt or dress 4 times a month                  ON GOING
99 Listen to classical music at least once a week        ON GOING
100 Try a new recipe every week                              ON GOING
101 Make bread without the bread machine